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prepare - don't complain

You didn't make as much money as you wanted. It was too hot. Your booth wasn't where you expected. Your neighbor was annoying......

Oh my goodness - get over it!

Craft shows and art events are endeavors of energy and time for all of those who have ever participated in one. They're work! When you commit to an event, do your homework on it. Every little detail matters. And remember that the organizers and volunteers that you encounter have worked hard to do their best to make this day a success. BE NICE!

While I was set up at an event this weekend I heard every complaint you could think of. Here's my outlook going into a show... I will look at all of good and positive things that happen during the day. Maybe I'll meet a great person, listen to some great music, enjoy some sunshine and last and LEAST, I'll make some sales. I learned a long time ago that if making money is my number one goal I will most likely always be disappointed. It takes more energy to be angry and upset than it does to just go with the flow and enjoy the day.

Below are some things that can help you better prepare for a show and that will help assure your success. But remember, nothing can fix your outlook and attitude - that's on you!

  • Is it inside or outside? If outside and it's the middle of the Summer, do you have a tent? Can you handle the heat? Will you remember to bring cold beverages to keep cool? If it's in the Fall and there's a possibility of wind, do you have weights for your tent so it doesn't blow over? (or even away! Yes, I've seen that happen!)

  • If you need power, is it available? Is it an extra cost? Make arrangements for power cords ahead of time. Don't assume things will be there for you. Bring your own!

  • Are there going to be other vendors selling similar products to you? The last thing anyone wants is an over saturated market. Too much soap, too much jewelry.... that kind of thing hurts each of the parties involved. Ask ahead for a list of other vendors and if arrangements have been made to keep similar booths away from each other. Don't assume that all event organizers know to do this.

  • Are there people there to help you unload? If you need help with your booth, don't assume it will be there. It is your responsibility to get things from your car to your booth and vice versa. Don't expect people to be there to assist. If you can't do it yourself, maybe you shouldn't do it at all.

  • Is the event being promoted? You should always promote events in addition to anything that the organizer has done. It will only bring more people and help you make more sales! Never rely on someone else to secure your success.


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