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what's your groove?

For anyone who knows me, they know I'm not a book reader. I wish I was but I just can't get my mind to sit still long enough! That said, I was given a cutesy book for my birthday. If you've ever been around me for a longer than a few minutes, the conversation generally always takes a turn to poop or bathroom habits. I don't know why I always end up talking about stuff like that but I just do. My dad used to say I had 'poop on the brain'. Well, a friend gave me a book that he though was funny called "The Woo of Poo". Little did he know it was a very serious - game changing read for me.

The book is written by the woman who invented PooPourri - the spray for the toilet that keeps your 'stink' from getting out! In it, you are taken through a series of exercises to help you improve yourself and make you think about your purpose. I was challenged to think about when I most felt like I was in 'the zone'. What was I doing when I felt best about myself? I realized that it's when I'm in the shop or representing it at an event. I love the buzz of customers and the chatter of friends laughing at funny sayings or tearing up at sweet gifts that remind them of a loved one. The exercise is designed to help you find what you're good at. I realized - hey, I'm good at this git shop thing. I'm good at display work. I'm good at customer service. I'm good at promoting my business and artists.

It may sound like an arrogant pat on the back but it's true. We are all good at something. Maybe you haven't figured your talent out yet. It's your responsibility to make sure you're doing what you're meant to do and only you know what that is. It may take time to figure it out but trust me, it's worth the effort.


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Love your blog and thanks for asking!

My groove is Seaweed! Collecting it, washing it, showing others how BEAUTIFUL it is, making art with it and never tiring of simply admiring it. Just spent three days In Mendocino county home away from home: Gay Head Martha’s Vineyard.

This is the back of my car...:-)

East Coast seaweed cards coming soon to Small Potatoes.

Gefällt mir
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