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dryer balls

I've always wondered what dryer sheets were really made of. You? However, they serve a purpose. They soften our clothes and in some cases give them a nice happy smell.

Now, think about how many of those we throw away! Replace them with dryer balls.

Dryer balls come in many shapes and forms but the most commonly used are wool. Here in the shop we carry them in singles and in 3 packs.

Dryer balls not only help fluff your clothes but they help dry them faster. No matter the age of your dryer, the efficiency of your machine's drying capability will increase with the use of these balls.

Dryer balls can last up to a year and it's up to you how many you use per load. The recommendation is to use 3 at a time.

What if I want a scent? Well, you can use essential oils on them. I would recommend that you put a few drops on the dryer ball and let it absorb/dry overnight before using it in your laundry. You want to make sure that the oil is dry before you use it in the machine so it doesn't stain your clothing.

Benefit summary:

- saves tons of fabric sheets from ending up in the landfill

- dries your clothing faster

- softens your clothes

- you know what you are using!


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