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Why gift?

The art of giving a gift isn't as easily acquired as you'd expect. It isn't about the money you spend, or the label on the thing you bought. It's all about the meaning behind it. At Small Potatoes, I pride myself on helping my customers find the perfect gift. I ask questions. I listen. And sometimes I even ask more questions! Being a good gift giver requires that you are thoughtful and intentional in your gift selection. Here are some things to consider when shopping for someone:

What is the occasion? Is it important to the person or am I buying a gift so I don't look like the only one in the room without one?

  • This may seem weird but just buying someone an obligatory gift doesn't go un-noticed. We've all gotten a gift that obviously had no thought put into it. Sometimes a handwritten note card could be the perfect way to honor or celebrate the occasion. And trust me, we have the perfect card for any occasion!

What does the person do for a living if they work?

  • Working with children and working in an office are two different things for the gift recipient. Get them a gift that reflects the fact that you considered whether they could wear the item (jewelry) in their classroom or even use the item (candles) at their desk. Considering the person's lifestyle can make a big difference in whether the gift goes in a drawer or is enjoyed as much as possible.

Does the person need more 'stuff'?

  • It is important to consider the person's living situation and even their age. At a certain point, another 'dust collector' isn't warranted. Get the person something practical. Do they drink tea? Do they like to mail letters or cards? Do they enjoy handmade soap?

A few other things to consider when shopping for very specific occasions or life events...


  • Don't just buy to buy. Put thought into it. When I lost my father, the best gift I got was a note with a story about my dad in it. Think of something you could buy that would bring a smile to that person's face - maybe even something that would make them laugh. Don't always go the sentimental route.

Illness/new diagnosis

  • One of the best pieces of advice I could give is that you don't need to remind the person that they're sick. If someone has been told they have cancer, you don't need to buy them an awareness ribbon themed gift. Get them something uplifting or even humorous. We all need to be reminded to laugh in the face of difficult times.

New Pregnancy/baby shower

  • We always go right to the baby gifts (because they're so fun to buy!) Remember that the upcoming period in this woman's life is going to be stressful, tiring and trying. Get her something that she will enjoy.

My last piece of advice would be to GET CREATIVE! Use baskets, bowls, other cool containers instead of just a gift bag. A pottery bowl with a handmade kitchen towel wrapped in tissue with ribbon is a great gift any day and the container is a useful gift too!

When in doubt, let me help you!


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